in the past year

in the past year, the domestic foreign trade platform in Dunhuang achieved net platform trading Nike Max 90 Current Moire volume soared. The technology of electronic industry products popular, attracting the most attention public view, data display: mobile phone products achieved the most brisk, achieve sales doubling growth; consumer electronics products is also doing well, from sales, business to customer number number increments were over 20%; computer products with a higher profit rate and the guest unit price, attract more sellers. In 2014, the science and technology of electronic products will continue as the focus of Dunhuang net recruitment category, Dunhuang network will focus on the advantages of resources, expand the marketing channel, tap the potential of product line. mobile phone accessories exports the most machine and fittings, the development of space customs data show that China’s exports, mobile phone showed faster growth. Dunhuang net export data from mobile phone, mobile phone accessories exports than the largest, up to 54%; while the mobile phone Glow in the Dark Jordan Men machine as an emerging force, rising very fast, an increase of 21%; at the same time, mobile phone accessories than aWomens  Nike Free 4.0 Pink Gold Yellowlso achieved double. Both have a very big space for development. 2014, domestic intelligent machine, screen separator, mobile power supply, intelligent device four will become the key point of sales of mobile phone products category. At present the country machine export volume is the largest and the Spanish, accounted for 26% and 10%. The highest volume gadgets, mini speaker prospects can not be underestimated in the consumer electronic products, network of Dunhuang listed sales in 2013 compared to 2012 growth of 3 times. Last year the volume of consumer electronic products in three categories the highest respectively: small accessories, headphones, AV accessories. In 2014, in addition to the above three, mini speaker is also one of the most promising sales category. mini speaker has been rapid development in 2013, the growth in the number of sellers to 2 times the number Cheap Nike Free 4.0 V2 Women UK Online Sale of buyers Nike Air Max Women has increased more than 4 times, turnover is 2.3 times that of 2012. There are 49% orders from the United States, followed by the UK, Canada, Australia etc Dunhuang net actual sales, small sound box with Bluetooth function, the total amount of transactions accounted for 51%. computer accessories robust machine becomes the highlight of computer industry at present to maintain steady growth. Dunhuang network data show that hot sales in 2013 to the computer accessories and drive storage. Network communication products, keyboard and mouse and input Cheap Nike Free 5.0 UK Online Sale equipment and printing supplies products also in 2013 continued high. game theme of the keyboard and mouse is a new growth point Lebron James Shoes in the future, on behalf of the Cheap Nike Free 5.0 Men UK Online Sale brand has Razer, Morimatsu Ni, Logitech, RAPOO, a very wise, platinum science, wolf beads, button, etc Foreign electronic athletics develops Nike Free Run 3 quickly, the game players for the functional requirements of mouse and keyboard input device Nike Flex Experience RN has been improved, mouse and keyboard appearance, sensitivity,


you are a World Kickboxing Championship 65 kilogram level Championships Yang Jianping fan

you are a World Cheap Nike Free 5.0 Men UK Online Sale Kickboxing Championship 65 kilogram level Championships Yang Jianping fan? If so, the following application Nike Air Max Women must download. This is Yang Jianping hand in hand with the search engine manufacturer product found in joint crossborder launched Yang Jianping official personal app. It will catch all in one draft Yang Jianping all news, live event, fighting, exclusive information, wonderful life, showing a 100% wild bully for you. At the same time, if you to other fighting world player is interested, can also subscribe to them at the Yang Jianping app, also can get their latest developments. At present, the application has been published in App Store and the largest Android market, but is free yo, dear! The official application of maybe Yang Jianping doesn’t mean anything to a lot of people, but have to say, it at least provides a kind of thinking, no matter is the social actor, singer, reds, or star. Just think, if a star app in addition to star content itself, also can let the fans like Yang Jianping app added C, Messi, Suarez, Neymar, Luo of the information in the application, and then collect all tWomens  Nike Free 4.0 V2 Grey Redhe information they are pushed to the fans, then add some social, quiz elements, will be very popular. Don’t forget that now is the time to forget the world Glow in the Dark Jordan Men cup, long legged Barack Obama and gentle demon male, to Rio de Janeiro, although there are 5 courses not completed. Nike Max 90 Current Moire But the star app if and souvenir vendors, cooperation with each big media, which will give the star, application developers bring considerable income ah, I’m afraid I dream will wake up laughing. the world no Cheap Nike Free 4.0 V2 Women UK Online Sale enemy, dozens of people is much, also became a friend. The world cup is the most can not miss is the brilliant match those of an upsurge of Nike Flex Experience RN emotion, and several of the enemy is likely will meet in Brazil, a new round of friction spark. No online video player app is not good app! The whole event tracking is essential; achieve instant cannot live, have broadcast! Of course, if you can to each big television, network media and netizens Cheap Nike Free 5.0 UK Online Sale have clip highlights, wonderful moments also served together, more perfect. After all, the game was brought about by the hormone stimulation, is the fans of the true love. No TV, no computer, download a player in the mobile phone app, world cup can also be in front of you, very excited to have no! light do not look, chat, Kan, for favorite team cheer! Without Ibrahimovic’s World Cup, just as there is no Lv Bu of the three Lebron James Shoes kingdoms. He was not well, I have no clear Nike Free Run 3 day. Facchetti, Cabrini ling the soul of body! Don’t roar, how to match on the 4 annual football banquet? Star app how have to have an online communication, interaction and sharing function, the person is more, chat high, can be called a feast. Of course, the mobile phone is so small, the keyboard is so small, with voice interaction, commentary star app is sweet! watching the world cup, play competes the color, the Mercedes Benz SMART every day to send 2014XX


Li East during a recent period of time

Li East during a recent period of time, Lan Xiang is really going to be playing bad. Lan Xiang two words of the high frequency, let you can’t ignore it. Microblog, Micro message circle of friends, video website, Cheap Nike Free 5.0 UK Online Sale BBS, almost any corner of the Internet, the existence of Lan Xiang are like God? especially that one sentence: excavator which is strong? It more than little apple brainwashing. Then, to the problem. This period of time Lebron James Shoes since the excavator who strong sentence making heat on earth Is it right? Lan Xiang marketing department professional planning, or just pure fun spoof users? East may wish to analyze to read: excavator which family strong non Lan Xiang masterminded first, we first analyze, network outbreak of excavator which is strong? Sentence heat on earth Is it right? Lan Xiang’s marketing plan? fact, excavator which strong? This is an old stem, and not this year was the first popular. TV advertisement language the word source Yu Xiang school for more than ten years like a day Cheap Nike Free 5.0 Men UK Online Sale of brainwashing: learn excavator where home is sWomens  Nike Free 4.0 V2 Purple Orangetrong, the Shandong technical school looking for Lan Xiang. Impression, back in my high school days, Shandong satellite TV in the broadcast of the burning brain television advertising, spokesperson is a famous actor Mr. Tang Guoqiang, the ads are other major TV stations broadcast in the long term, the TV entertainment program is relatively deficient age, the TV advertisement takes up a lot of TV advertising schedule, day after day play in the generation of young people left a deep impression, phase. also can be said to be deeply hurt. in the final analysis, the advertising photography and no wisdom, excavator full screen, screen production of rough, but for more than ten years like a day does not change the advertising words, cycle of the broadcast, the cumulative energy and finally in the social media era is released. Until Nike Max 90 Current Moire the microblogging social media era, people can finally use the tone of ridicule Nike Air Max Women to spit at the year the Lan Xiang advertising repetition of brainwashing in anger. And the hand became the first riff seed users spread excavator which is strong, but more 90 and other hadn’t seen the advertising people do not know the Glow in the Dark Jordan Men truth, wrapped in the dissemination of public opinion following the Nike Free Run 3 boom together revelry and spread, its evolution a trend. fact, the evolution to the present, Lan Xiang has and? Silk, local tyrants words, has become a symbol of culture. Lan Xiang two words is no longer synonymous to Lan Xiang school, and gradually evolved into a similar inscrutable, Zha Zha shouts meaning, rather then by the netizen remade a. For example, technology circle is a wellknown journalist Lan Xiang Nike Flex Experience RN often claimed to be a graduate of technical school. therefore, turned to look at, we still in the vigorous netizens spread excavator Na Jiaqiang the stem, East that can never be Lan Xiang engraved meticulously planned. Because of such Cheap Nike Free 4.0 V2 Women UK Online Sale a network communication upsurge, not just


at the end of 2013

at the end of 2013, I wrote an article listed by the car home on Chinese media online business, in this paper I take the car home electric transformation from media successful example, and talked about the then emerging the arrest of Chen Yongzhou, this article first explains the transformation of the China I media’s view, that is: developing ecommerce service. Nike Free Run 3 entered in 2014, China media industry continued unrest, CCTV financial channel more than 8 employees were taken away, the twentyfirst Century network editor et al blackmail enterprise, financial weekly arrested people were taken away. Dig these events behind, reasons Cheap Nike Free 4.0 V2 UK Online Sale one point: these corrupt media people short of money. Similarly, let the media people are rich, I believe that the situation did not dare to say to eradicate corruption, but also can fundamentally solve. recently I was watching a TV series the historical turning of Deng Xiaoping, this drama was the first to demonstrate the mainland Cheap Nike Free 3.0 V4 Mesh Men UK Online Sale residents before has avoided large fled to Hong Kong event, in the last century, 70 years, Guangdong and other places the emergence of largescale fled to Hong Kong event, authorities primarily through barbed wire to cut off. In fact, solve fleMens Nike Free 3.0 V4 Mesh Red Blued to Hong Kong problem is very simple, that is, let the Guangdong rich rich, you can eat rice rich, only a fool would like to stay away from the family Nike Flex Experience RN fled to Hong Kong. Then the reform and opening up rich Guangdong, barbed wire had already removed, but no one has fled to Hong kong. Chinese media survival difficult, media people low income can not bring home the bacon and other topics had a commonplace talk of an old scholar, but the key to very few people really think of ways to solve this problem. To resolve this situation, the media itself must emancipate the mind don’t be trapped by dogma, we should look for the method of some breakthrough and the number of days to attempt some media breakthrough case plus I work speed transit media I touch, we understand that only involved in electronic commerce can save China media. what information will sell what types of products believes that many people already know, following the car home, hemosiderosis net industry media involved in Nike Air Max Women business after the success of speed way the media have begun to test chambers, online speed transit mall, launched Lebron James Shoes a series of agricultural products Nike Max 90 Current Moire for users Cheap Nike Free 4.0 V2 Men UK Online Sale to choose and buy. It is reported Glow in the Dark Jordan Men that only Xinjiang jujube in speed transit mall a week to sell 700 boxes. more than just a speed transit media began to try, the harvest is good. In the author’s opinion, in recent years, Chinese media began to transition, what the information media to sell what products is the trend of the times, of course, this product is not only physical, can also be a virtual service. Car home sells cars, hemosiderosis net selling military clothing and other supplies, so the financial sector and other financial media with dispatch net also can launch Internet financial products, is also a kind of electric transformation. media transition cable to dare, dare to try and error last year, I and some industry forum, mentioned media do electric business ideas. There was widespread


according to traveldaily learned

according to traveldaily learned, small swim team customization services 6 people travel network has recently completed B wheel. According to the 6 tour founder and CEO Jia Jianqiang said, the amount of financing as the Nike Flex Experience RN level in the tens of millions of dollars, the funds have been receiving. This round of financing is the two institutions to participate in, is a cre capital, Jia Lebron James Shoes Jianqiang said a temporary inconvenience discloses another investor name. 6 people to swim in 213 years launched in June 6th, is a main highquality small team travel service website, face family, friends etc. provide small team travel service. Jia Jianqiang to traveldaily introduces recent 6 tour business development situation, he said, after repeated adjustment of a year of exploration, 6 people travel has hundreds of custom group present each month travel, the flow of over 3000000 yuan. Jia Jianqiang said, the main financing for Nike Air Max Women development of mobile terminal, building and professional service team. fact, customized travel is becoming the hot spot in recent tourism market, many Venture Company selection in this market segment of entrepreneurship, in addition to the 6 people who travel, there is sunshine holiday world, loves the sea. tourism network, Sinbad travel, no two tour etc Large also set foot in Mens Nike Free 3.0 V4 Mesh Red Bluethis market segment, such as Ctrip’s escape a large Swan swim to focus on highquality customized tourism. But the biggest Glow in the Dark Jordan Men challenge facing the custom tourism is the human cost is high, it is difficult to realize scale. The general process of customized travel services website is: user submitted to the relevant requirements, schedule, and budget information in the days after the website, website Travel Consultant need according to the demand characteristics of the user in the product library to select the product portfolio, the rapid realization of ation. When no user required travel resource product library, web site needs to communicate with suppliers, to redesign the itinerary and price, this process can be described as very human cost cost. light, the product standard and platform, and then through the operation of introducing sufficient flow of producing flow value, Cheap Nike Free 4.0 V2 UK Online Sale is a typical mode of thinking. There are many companies do customized tour put custom fragmentation, allowing users to DIY, Jia Nike Free Run 3 Jianqiang think, tourism is a professional thing, can’t put Nike Max 90 Current Moire the site do not want to do let users do their own. The demand of user is in need of professional hassle free service. He said. Cheap Nike Free 4.0 V2 Men UK Online Sale Jia Jianqiang said that 6 people swim in the customized tourism services has combined with customizing service flow formed a unique business system. At present the efficiency of processing orders have been far beyond the efficiency of traditional travel agency line service. It is precisely because the efficiency promotion, 6 people travel on the human cost is greatly reduced. but he also admits, to reach the critical point scale, need to go through a painful process. 6 people Cheap Nike Free 3.0 V4 Mesh Men UK Online Sale to swim with 1 years of time to find how to do, the critical point and then 1 years into the scale. Jia Jianqiang said. The integration of with one hand to take the resources, reduce intermediate links of service should be customized travel services business direction to realize the scale. Jia Jianqiang said that 6 people travel has been launched with the first travel agency cooperation, and ring the Italy international travel agency that focus on small clusters of customized services to access services business has formed the strategic cooperation,


electronic sports when the origin

electronic sports when the origin? Nike Free Run 3 More than once a reader asked me. Unfortunately, I am not Cheap Nike Free 3.0 V4 Mesh Men UK Online Sale historical textual scholars, really do not check out the electronic athletics first appeared in time, but I prefer to believe that a more view: college students dormitory war leading to the growth of savage Esports in this ten years. The mode of Zhang published in August 22nd the. app Le blogs column I have be keenly aware of. In 1998, when I entered the University of reading, computer is very expensive, but also is a luxury, but computer games have in my university surrounding sprout. In my memory, the first paragraph of everyone in the play of the game is not the socalled domestic game God Legend of Sword and Fairy, but was USA Electronic Arts acquired Westwood launched the Red Alert, it is a specially designed for the realtime strategy game PC game player. Glow in the Dark Jordan Men Red Alert play looks simple, summarizes down is three: the looting of resources, to build a house, build tanks. Who is Nike Max 90 Current Moire the fastest to create enough tank, will be able Nike Air Max Women to sweep in the game the whole world, it seems to us at the time of, this is a tank war. Red Alert to support the online game, Mens Nike Free 3.0 V4 Mesh Blackwhen almost Lebron James Shoes everyone in the game, but played awfully. The reason is very simple: we are tired of the invariable between red and white machine and computer programs to fight, also bored arcade red Han, white men with a variety of flashy fighting skills to rob the Street Fighter title. Was the release of teenage hormones we undoubtedly have a Cheap Nike Free 4.0 V2 Men UK Online Sale greater interest in the intellectual content of the virtual world and its hidden behind the creation and destruction. Please pay special attention to, so simple gameplay, actually contains the basic rules of the present electronic athletics winning. in college, my keen on Red Alert is soon need more intellectual was replaced by. The first batch of eSports teams also appeared at the moment, the two boys dormitory adjacent, naturally formed two teams. Chat topic after lights out boys dormitory, already from those years we overtake girl has become a big discussion of how to Cheap Nike Free 4.0 V2 UK Online Sale get the game against team victory. Review today’s battle gains and losses, for tomorrow’s strike lineup, and the other side of the wall and loud and the enemy in the afternoon, all the talk about become a required course The University of four years, there are many a night was spent in this competitive and discussions, until graduation Eve, we also do not forget and years of enemies who fight Nike Flex Experience RN all night. left school, into the community, I occasionally hear my roommates Niandao old crazy, occasionally there are a few mentioned several masters of that year, they are said to have around in the tissues around the school all kinds of interstellar contend for hegemony Internet cafes League game. About a year after graduation, is also in 2003, a more famous name entered the game players of the world electronic athletics. In fact, in my opinion, it is still the same, only the rules changed, change


last week turnover really big

last week turnover really big, Monday to Friday, the Shanghai and Blake Griffin Shoes Shenzhen two city clinch a deal of money are: 380500000000, 371400000000, 368300000000, 405600000000, 381300000000. The two week turnover of capital of 1907100000000, the average daily turnover of capital of 381400000000. This is the amount of days in recent four years, the Shanghai and Shenzhen two city week turnover and oneday transaction funds. trading this week, two city to shrinking downward adjustment primarily. Capital Monday to Friday is respectively: 306500000000, 311900000000, 293500000000, 296400000000, 238400000000, the average daily turnover of reduced to 289100000000. Than last Sunday are shrinking 24%. last week put volume stagflation, technologies like stage head. Fortunately, technology Chinese stock market is not strong, but pay more attention to policy. This week the shrinking, the market fell, stock trading weakened significantly. On the one hand there is the issue of new shares after investment behavior generally, pumping. On the other hand, there are also hedging escape action. The problems should be noticed are: last week active transactions, funds have into have piece, so as to enlarge the volume. Cheap Nike Free 3.0 Men Canada Online Sale This week Nike Air Force Ones to ship Jiancang, buying initiative to reduce,Mens Nike Free 3.0 Henna Black in the performance of the disk, trading opportunities are few, the stock fell more than rise, market down more than up, thus reducing the volume. then the market next week will how? I think Air Jordan Shoes Mens there are mainly two things: one is the Hong Kong Shanghai next Nike Air Foamposite Women week, two new funds to fight the lifting of the ban is huge. , according to media reports, the Shanghai Hong Kong was expected time is October 27th, also is the next monday. But regardless of whether the schedule to open in Shanghai Hong Kong, Shanghai Hong Kong will be the focus of attention of the market next week. Shanghai Hong Kong will be what kind of impact on the A shares? Shanghai Hong Kong brings what to Shanghai? After many major positive to treat with. this round of market rebound, the stock to Shanghai Hong Kong, including Shanghai has not become strong. A sermon, the mainstream view is that in Cheap Nike Free 3.0 Women Canada Online Sale this round of market impetus came mainly Nike Air Max Mens from the policy of reform of stateowned enterprise reform and the Shanghai dividend Hong kong. But from the market performance, market speculation enthusiasm is mainly focused on lowcost subjects and small cap Cheap Nike Free 3.0 V3 Canada Online Sale growth stocks, typically say a set, do a set. Theorist you say you, I do me the investors. Each busy each, each other is irrelevant. now, Shanghai Hong Kong will open. The Shanghai and Shenzhen stock market volume shrinking concussion, cut, meet the Shanghai Gangtong’s highprofile start. today, there is a market for example: Shanghai Hong Kong to Hongkong stock market and the mainland stock market, as well as the two water village, now the government has opened a road in two water between the two villages, villagers hope that through this road, to the other side of the village water. this metaphor, apt. The parties in the market, different feelings. The government level, the Dwyane Wade Shoes Date↓NamePrice socalled to rich, first fix


High risk sending credit card additional insurance in the middle of the bank wanted of insurance enterprises

High risk sending credit card additional insurance in the middle of the bank wanted of insurance enterprises, banks have huge customer resources, a significant source of policy project is both an insurance company, and is the source of Air Jordan Shoes Mens business quality throwaway as long as the XX bank credit card you use credit card to pay, my spouse, children and peer full public transportation fare or the more than 80% travel tour. Without any formalities, can get high public transportation insurance company passenger accident insurance and travel inconvenience insurance. This is recently a bank credit card business of mass advertising. the Hungarian card issuing banks to compete for customers resources, have introduced various credit card additional insurance, including accidental injury insurance, travel inconvenience insurance, credit card fraud insurance, guarantee insurance products such as shopping. insurance company personage says, at present the main local issuing banks are part of its credit cards provide free of charge or additional insurance services. Except for Nike Air Max Mens the part of the bank insurance in the flag Nike Air Force Ones of the insurance company or association, China life, Ping An, Taibao, Ampang, Meyer, earth, HuatMens Nike Free 3.0 Nubuck Black Red Whiteai, Yingda Taihe, Huaan and other insurance Cheap Nike Free 3.0 V3 Canada Online Sale companies are involved in. insurance through credit card sales channels credit card additional insurance as a means of promotion of the bank, has never been cardholders pay attention. And in June of this year’s Malaysia Airlines MH370 lost events, will undoubtedly become the credit card will be additional insurance into the insurance consumer’s view fuse. The horse boat accident, some bank credit card center of customer investigation work, then consumers realized that the original credit cards also have insurance. the Nike Air Foamposite Women bancassurance personage expresses, at present the dangerous business and bank credit card business cooperation has two main categories. A class is that the risks of enterprises in order to ensure sales channels of life insurance products in the silver free bank credit card holders of the various types of accident insurance; another is that banks through the Buy mode for the cardholder to buy accident insurance or special insurance. it is understood that generally reach commercial cooperation insurance institutions and the card issuing banks, insurance agencies to provide insurance Cheap Nike Free 3.0 Men Canada Online Sale for credit card holders, and access Cheap Nike Free 3.0 Women Canada Online Sale to the cardholder’s personal information, provide free customer resources for other insurance products sales. part of the Department of banking insurance enterprise cooperation in the credit card is more thorough, this kind of insurance enterprises will be specifically designed some cardholders exclusive insurance. Such as the Bank of China Insurance for the Bank of China Credit Card Cardholder launched the Bank of China the Great Wall cardholder family occupied the motor vehicle theft insurance products. insurance mechanism not only can design some private custom products as the cooperation of the bank credit card customers, but also according to the bank to provide information of active electric sales of insurance products, the credit card customer development two times. By credit card insurance Blake Griffin Shoes is more concise, insurance institutions through the credit card overdraft function will be Dwyane Wade Shoes Date↓NamePrice designated to direct insurance companies premium


focus on 2300 linkage effect to defend the war The statement: This article belongs to the name of jade all

focus on 2300 linkage effect to defend the war The statement: This article belongs to the name of jade all . black again on Thursday, under the weak market, good vacuum and purchase of new shares and other multiple strike, appeared Powei, above 2300 is from 2012 to 2013 since several adjustments and a rebound in the process of one phase of the head Cheap Nike Free 3.0 Men Canada Online Sale from the current round of market, after rising continuously fast stand on the 2300 points above, the index increased in the the position of Air Jordan Shoes Mens the pressure, plus is a row Bi Kong, are not adjusted properly, so now the adjustment pressure is more and more big instead. The jade that funds subject is now the biggest bad. This Thursday, has opened the fifth batch of purchase of new shares, the disk funds continued to pull away but also to suppress the index to a certain extent; at the same time the market in July since the start, the financing securities loan plays a very big role in promoting, A recent share margin financing transaction amount accounted for A share turnover ratio has been as high as 15%, and such funds high risk preference is typical of the trend of investment, greMens Nike Free 3.0 Grey Fluorescenceat instability and volatility characteristics of clear, easy to form a spike, therefore shortterm such bad elements need to be released, at least need to wait for the purchase of new shares Nike Air Force Ones to unfreeze the funds will form an effective rebound. from the hot cold over to the hot, cold. The international market ushered in the dawn. As the U.S. consumer confidence index jumped driving optimism about the European Nike Air Max Mens Central Bank, consider buying corporate debt reports boost stocks and European stocks recently Cheap Nike Free 3.0 V3 Canada Online Sale three transactions daily appear retaliatory rebound, shortterm external market continued to slump in the shadow gradually dispersed. But the A shares its pressure is Blake Griffin Shoes gradually becoming apparent, the first is the intraday had already lasted 12 days have obvious diving, especially Tuesday and Wednesday diving phenomenon is obviously intensified, profit chips further loosening, resulting in shipping behavior persists. The second is the hot, in the quarter defense market transition, funds transfer warehouse coping ranking war, while many news surface sensitive information, policy meeting, the economic data, Shanghai Hong Kong, delisting system and the issue of new shares and so intertwined with the funds have become more cautious, the result Nike Air Foamposite Women is the disappearance of hot money effect. finally fundamental factors, the index Dwyane Wade Shoes Date↓NamePrice rebounded nearly 20%, has exceeded the scope of the socalled oversold bounce, the urgent need to support the fundamentals of the elements, but now under the premise of economic data Cheap Nike Free 3.0 Women Canada Online Sale and economic indicators of recession, most investors are more cautious, operating on speculative mentality strong profit after selling is very active. Overall, although the longterm trend still good, rebound trend has not changed, but the local rest and necessary profit disk cleanup is the trend of the times, have to be strong, investors to change the idea formed in the 79 month Bi Kong market, and turn to the band defense strategy. The jade that index from 3 months to rebound in July, Shanghai refers to has formed a distinct rebound channel. After numerous tests under the rail market index rebound channel, on Friday prev long under the shadow had a breakdown of the trend line, and the line and break the trend line on Tuesday, two


The Hotel

The Hotel, building, red wine, canal, railway, mine The world because Nike Air Max Womens of cheap price Kobe Bryant Shoes to buy Made In China products to pay money into China Money, is used in Chinese successive buy expensive assets of the world. Of particular note is the core of the enterprise, because of the economic crisis and the fiscal deficit and the struggling southern Europe is becoming Chinese purchase object. Italy famous yacht maker Ferretti manufacturing more than 100000000000 won per boat super luxury yacht. At the beginning of twentyfirst Century, Italy USA boom acquisition enterprise culture expand the scale of the company Ferretti in the global financial crisis in 2008 due Cheap Nike Free 3.0 V3 Men Australia Online Sale to funding difficulties on the verge of bankruptcy. In 2012 January to 178000000 euros 75% shares acquisition of the company is mainly manufacturing the Cheap Nike Free 3.0 V4 Australia Online Sale bulldozer Chinese in stateowned enterprises of Shandong heavy industry. 2010, Hongkong’s Li amp; Fung Group acquired the Italy men’s clothing brand Cerruti, China Qianjiang Group acquired the Italy highend motorcycle maker Benali, Chinese enterprises has been the acquisition of theMens Nike Free 3.0 V3 Black White brand and the technical strength of small and medium sized enterprises. American Wall Street journal reported on 8, China’s bright food company is half the shares Air Jordan Shoes Womens in the acquisition of Italy Blake Griffin Shoes olive oil producer Salov. To the Cheap Nike Free 3.0 V3 Women Australia Online Sale end of 2012 as the standard, the number of small and medium enterprises in Italy China capital acquisitions to Glow in the Dark Jordan Men achieve 195. even are selling the stateowned enterprises and the national infrastructure of Greece and Portugal also full of Chinese capital. China Ocean Shipping Group won the 2011 for 500000000 euros, Europe’s largest passenger port Greece, Piraeus port operation right. China’s sovereign wealth fund China Investment Corp CIC Portugal electric company purchased last year EDPEnergias de Portugal SA 21% of the shares. mainly rural southern France by the influx of Chinese capital ceded land. The American magazine time in the new period pointed out: China to buy more than 70 area of Bordeaux in southern France famous red wine after 2008 the vineyard. The production of Napoleon’s favorite wine Kojeve’s ray still Beltran also sold to china. Chinese capital has become the main source of funding is imminent southern European economy. Luigi of Citigroup Europe President middot; Becky pointed out: the current investment boom in China and the United States after World War II as massive investment in Europe, therefore is called the ‘second Marshall plan’. Someone pointed out that China’s recent investment to southern Europe means that China’s overseas investment strategy of Jordan Nubuck Men the original point to the field of natural resources Africa, South America is changing. Italy’s Pierre middot; Carlo Padoan; middot; pointed out: China is through to the European investment to promote the Communist economic system of the world. the Chinese capital not only pegged to the overseas enterprise, also point to the symbolic meaning of the landmark building and traffic network.