Mango only broadcast break then video network Ereli network

with the Star Travel Reality Show flowers and young hereinafter referred to as the flower less in continuous hit TV mango, all don’t believe, waitandsee, questioning, watched the people begin to see light suddenly: originally the Hunan satellite TV is playing for real. announced the broadcast only because new media strategy, previous close including partner basically closed core marketing channels. The core of our promotion resources will be open only to our copyrighted programs or television drama. A reluctance to disclose the names of the video site operating personnel told reporters. this is an earlier than expected two months started the battle, that mango TV some technical preparation has not been completed. mobile terminal was not, in the spend less playing the former two, technical reserves bandwidth is not enough to provide a better play experience because many users have to watch programs in mango TV stay, also not stop vomit tank card. Even so, as of early 6, the cumulative amount of broadcast spend less video has over 100 million. the present stage achievements, Hunan satellite TV’s solo is have a good start. An indepth understandiMens Nike Air Max 2012 Netty Pink White Blackng of some details of this stage, some of the effects of many signs will be the next network competitive pattern. In the meantime, dominated by the mango TV public opinion war, war, war and war through industry Air Jordan Shoes Womens group, and have an impact on future continuously, while the other two temporarily missing front also on Mango TV and even the whole Hunan Guangdian layout also puts forward new requirements. public opinion war mango TV is network video platform happy sunshine under the sunshine, happy belong to the mango mango media, in addition to TV, Jordan Nubuck Men include mango, mango TV TV mobile phone TV, Hunan IPTV and other terminal video business. mango TV broadcast only when the former two, improve site traffic has dozens of times. At present the PC end of the about 3000000 daily active users. when the mobile Nike Air Max Womens terminal is not ready happy sunshine general manager Zhang Ruobo said, single spend less has been viewed over ten million. He admitted that, despite the large video website and to have Cheap Nike Air Max 2013 Men Australia Online Sale the very big disparity, but we at least one order of magnitude above etc.. Zhang Ruobo said to be in a calm mood. As early as in 2005, he proposed to the network video. The same year, President and CEO then Sohu just leaving the business, video website Youku founded. can not recover the past. In any case, Zhang Ruobo has finally Blake Griffin Shoes come to the Hunan satellite TV at the policy level for the video site of major support. Although the Hunan satellite TV to Kobe Bryant Shoes broadcast only internal still sound is not a strategy, but the Hunan radio and television station but Lv Huanbin Glow in the Dark Jordan Men Lipaizhongyi have more longterm planning layout. In the future, Hunan satellite TV has a complete intellectual property rights Cheap Nike Air Max Lunar Men Australia Online Sale of the selfmade program, will be broadcast by the TV on the Internet only mango, copyright shall not distribution, so as to build their own Internet video platforms. must Cheap Nike Air Max 2012 Men Australia Online Sale attach great importance to copyright,


Mobile internet bring millions of invisible post mobile Internet Network Ereli for America

be equal to anything, already is not only a call, see the electronic tools, online video, it has become the economic growth driver, to meet the needs of the people in the past can not meet many, at the same time to bring more people fulltime or parttime work. The most typical is to provide matching Uber as drivers and car. Jordan Nubuck Men recently, forecast America company revealed, matching tool for intelligent mobile phone market, including the Uber, will create 1000000 jobs for American, many people began to have a job, Nike Air Max Womens but USA labor department is statistically not to these post. in addition to Uber, there is such Glow in the Dark Jordan Men an hour set tool delivery of goods will the door Instacart shopping cart express etc These tools, whether it is a car, a lunch hour, a nanny, to meet the people in the past can not meet consumer demand, and brought a lot of job opportunities. , however, these hidden in the intelligent mobile phone in the economy and jobs, it is difficult to be USA Cheap Nike Air Max Lunar Men Australia Online Sale statistical departments and economists pay Kobe Bryant Shoes attention to. Monroe, a venture capitMens Nike Air Max 2012 Netty Red Black Silveral firm MenloVentures report shows, mobile phone market matchmaking tool to create about 1000000 jobs, income is higher than the average, but are America City local people to meet the needs of local consumers. In addition, one million is only a conservative estimate. of these intelligent mobile phone created by the tool post, does not need Cheap Nike Air Max 2013 Men Australia Online Sale complex induction training or high degree requirements, but not low income, practitioners can be more free to work, also choose to work at home. These advantages are very important in . For example, new research shows, many industry America now found a problem, is not located in the enterprise, the business of the company to find trained professional training and experience of the candidates. what is the factor to promote the mobile phone, post growth? Analysis of Monroe company reports, there are the following three reasons: first is more and more high intelligent mobile phone popularity rate. According to statistics, the market research company Gartner last year, the world sold one billion intelligent mobile phone, at the same time, the rise of mobile phone software development technology, the cost is also reduced, the whole industry of science and technology for the development of the atmosphere, mobile phone market concept. second, 18 to 34 years of age in the millennial generation, born to adapt to the digital lifestyle, but now, they have become the mainstream Air Jordan Shoes Womens consumer groups. This group of consumer spending each year reached $1.3, according to the study of the Hartman group, the millennial generation has been more than World War II baby boom generation, has become the most important USA consumer groups. Blake Griffin Shoes also in the employment market, more and more free occupation opportunity, more and more time for ordinary people free, can go to Cheap Nike Air Max 2012 Men Australia Online Sale engage in mobile phone position work. According to statistics, America self employment free occupation, the number has reached 42000000 people, and by 20


Mobile electric marketing, why the future of betting on a variety show Network marketing network Ere

watch TV in the popular in the 1970s, the crazy thing is probably the one family are One’s pupils do not turn. staring at the television screen watch TV series finale, wondering how good finally Chenyuan get snow, big villain to destroy yourself, when suddenly a no gifts for the holidays this year, only gifts melatonin sonorous and forceful extremely Glow in the Dark Jordan Men elegant and valuable came. called this down. The usual do television this is also that time, the popular TV series inserted broadcast was in a disastrous state, be reduced to fragments, TV viewers also therefore Voices of discontent. later, the big screen began to pop Jordan Nubuck Men up in the lives of the people, because in this scene in the movie, time is limited and the charges are obviously directly, so the audience requirements are demanding a lot, so in addition to before the movie started patch ads, advertisers began to engage The Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea Gexianshentong embedded advertising in the film li. But this trick, also soon be copied, used in the TV series. A lot of advertising implant, always let people in movie theater when frustration out on the plMens Nike Air Max 2012 Netty Sky Blue Blackot, so that the audience began to spit. simple and crude is sprayed, try hard to engage in implantation also unpopular. Then how the program Blake Griffin Shoes of movie and TV advertising with close contact with mentioned so before an article, good advertising is a kind of Kobe Bryant Shoes art form of grafting of modern commercial civilization and culture consumption, it and the television program itself does not exist the conflict and split inevitable; on the contrary, the presence of advertising is in the commercial film festival to boost. In the face of advertising the people love and hate the guy, TV and film are the real problem is, how to please the audience at the same time without broken, from the advertising that part of the business to absorb nutrition element. Nike Air Max Womens back to the topic of this thesis, relative to the TV plays and films, variety shows on advertising in the implantation operation space will be much larger, like this title: and so naming: brand Logo highlight show, will Air Jordan Shoes Womens not have too much Cheap Nike Air Max Lunar Men Australia Online Sale acosmia feeling. And so on and Hunan TV’s make progress every day, Zhejiang TV’s good sound China, even to the host on the stage of virtuoso style play brand anchorperson skewer can win audiences praise. reality show, since 2013 in the domestic persistent hot, because of the existence of a large number of first Cheap Nike Air Max 2013 Men Australia Online Sale person perspective representation and scene greatly extended, gave the program participants and sponsors brand greater performance space. Cheap Nike Air Max 2012 Men Australia Online Sale started in July 2014, performed by Nicholas Tse featuring twelve front mirror taste is a vivid example. It can be said, Twelve front is not only a taste of Food reality show, is the perfect combination of reality shows, commercials, micro film body, despite the strong star lineup each update of Nicholas Tse and his star small partners, exquisite Food, the whole show advertising implanted and cohesion all very smoothly and naturally, exclusive naming business hall of preserve one’s health products itself and Food highly fit, and buy the brand


dear netizen friends: 9 month 14 days sixth Chinese netizen Cultural Festival scheduled arrival

dear netizen Cheap Nike Air Presto High Top Men UK Online Sale friends: 9 month 14 days sixth Chinese netizen Cultural Festival scheduled arrival, in this belongs to our holiday is approaching, I wish China broad netizen friends happy holidays! back in 1987 today, a letter titled across the Great Wall, trend world through email, greeting the world. Chinese Internet after 20 years of development, has Cheap Nike Air Presto Men UK Online Sale made outstanding achievements in the network infrastructure construction, network application. And the derivative of Internet based business model innovation; Internet Glow in the Dark Jordan Men deeply into China’s political, economic, cultural, medical and educational fields, and brought farreaching influence; the number of Internet users from scratch, and gradually developed into a large scale 632000000 people, make Chinese become world number of netizens most net power. China Internet has entered the Web2.0 era, the creation of more and more netizens participate in web content production and cultural atmosphere. Chinese netizens to white haired old man down to the preschool children, covering different age, different regions, different segments of the population, to become Mens Nike Air Presto High Top Leopardthe world’s largest population of Internet users. As a member of the hundreds of millions of Internet users in the network, we are not only the user is the builder, Nike Air Max Women is in the construction and development of the network cannot do without everyone’s contribution. We acquire knowledge through the Internet, to understand the state affairs, participate in social activities, Cheap Nike Air Max 2014 Men UK Online Sale in order to, blog, as the representative of the blowout type development today, the use of network dissemination of information, the Nike Flex Experience RN sharing of information, support public action, Li Ting justice behavior; to expose the false information, resist network rumor, create a harmonious network environment. today, regardless of the city or the countryside, Internet everywhere, eight year old through the Internet to learn about the outside world; the younger generation through social networks, to interact with the world, children; students in Internet in the ocean of knowledge of the nutrient; the Internet more become entrepreneurs a good helper in the commercial field. Chinese is the world network of power, each of Lebron James Shoes us is one of the important one annulus, the healthy development has the responsibility Nike Max 90 Current Moire and obligation to maintain the network environment, enhance the awareness of network security, and jointly create a safe, stable, reliable, and orderly network environment. Let us summon the positive Nike Free Run 3 energy from more Internet users, a healthy culture, promoting and spreading of social justice, create a good network order, play and reflect the greater value of the Internet to promote the healthy development of the Internet, Chinese! in the Chinese netizen Cultural Festival is approaching, we have the initiative of countrywide netizen: embrace the Internet, transfer positive energy, and make joint efforts for the construction of network power! China Internet association September 14, 2014


Fosun and Junyao breaking up

Fosun and Junyao breaking up, the marriage of ali. Yesterday 29 days, the China Banking Regulatory Commission issued a notice, approved Shanghai Huarui Bank Limited hereinafter referred to as Huarui bank and the Zhejiang network bank Limited by Share Ltd hereinafter referred to as network bank to build. Thus, the first batch of 5 private banking licence banks have approved the establishment of. It is worth noting, and Yao broke up star appeared in the Ali bank sponsor list, and for the second largest shareholder, accounting for 25% of the shares. Ali small micro gold Service Vice President Yu Shengfa said to reporters in Nandu, the network bank will take the whole network operation, for the electronic commerce platform Small and micro businesses and grassroots consumers provide network features, suitable for financial services and products of network operation, a relatively simple structure. The small store small loan Nike Max 90 Current Moire business model, will mainly provide the following 200000 deposit products and 5000000 of the loans products. Fuxing abandoned Huarui July 25th, the CBRC published approved the first batch of 5 private banks in the three to build, including, Baiyeyuan, founding sponsor of the Shenzhen QianhaiMens Nike Air Presto High Top Black Red Leopard micro banks; CHINT, Huafeng sponsor of the Wenzhou commercial bank, and the purchase of wheat in North China, the main Cheap Nike Air Presto Men UK Online Sale sponsor of the Tianjin Jincheng bank. But the other two, by Ali and universal as the main sponsor, as well as by Yao and Fosun is main sponsor bank always has not obtained approval for establishment preparation of CBRC, lead the market a lot of conjecture. and in the meantime, last month, Fosun confirmation Cheap Nike Air Max 2014 Men UK Online Sale and Yao in the establishment of the private bank, part Glow in the Dark Jordan Men company each going his own way, the industry once thought that Shanghai’s first private banks will therefore dystocia. However, yesterday the CBRC second batch of private bank to build the approval document makes the market very accidental, not only by the Yao as the main one of the initiators of the Bank of Shanghai did not die because of Fosun left and, more to the market surprise, Fosun joined Ali and Ali small Nike Free Run 3 micro finance bank, together with the Lebron James Shoes establishment of Zhejiang network bank. the CBRC documents show, Ali bank named Zhejiang network bank Limited by Share Ltd by the Zhejiang ants, small micro financial services group limited company to subscribe for 30% shares; Shanghai Fuxing Industrial Technology Development Co Nike Flex Experience RN Ltd subscribes 25%; universal agriculture group limited company to subscribe for 18%; Ningbo Jinrun natural Management Limited company to subscribe for Cheap Nike Air Presto High Top Men UK Online Sale 16%. reportedly, Zhejiang ants small micro financial services group Limited hereinafter referred to as the Nike Air Max Women ant small is Ali small micro financial services group chips final registration of the enterprise name. The legal representative for Peng Lei. Nandu reporters access to credit information publicity system of the national enterprise information, ants, small micro by Zhejiang Agel Ecommerce Ltd change to. The registered capital of 1229000000 yuan. Shareholders are displayed as two partnership, Hangzhou Jun Han equity investment partnership enterprise and Hangzhou junao equity investment partnership enterprise. Direct shareholders as Jun Han investment, while Lu Zhaoxi, Peng Lei and other senior executives hold Jun Ali partnership investment in australia. second, network bank shareholders list, just announced the breakup and Junyao Fosun out


iResearch data show

iResearch data show, the second quarter of 2014, the market scale reached 44490000000 yuan, a yearonyear growth rate reached 104.1%, the mobile Internet is sustained and rapid growth of information industry development, become one of the fastest, the most competitive field. Mobile Internet has penetrated into many aspects of people’s lives, has become an indispensable part of our daily life. The rapid development of 2014Q2 mobile Internet market, mobile trend be a trend which cannot be halted the second quarter of 2014 the Nike Air Max Women mobile Internet market scale of 44490000000 yuan, a growth of 25% annulus, a yearonyear growth of 104.1%, thanks to each big business frequently carries on the anniversary, the world cup and other promotional activities, significant growth in mobile shopping, mobile market also began to temperature. The mobile Internet market trend of rapid development, Internet Co, entrepreneurial companies to accelerate the mobile terminal layout, to further explore the new profit pattern, the commercialization process accelerated, O2O led the traditional enterprises to actively participate in, the mobile industry chain and further enrich and perfect the. IntelligentMens Nike Air Presto High Top Black Red Leopard wearable devices, car networking concept began, expands the range Lebron James Shoes of the mobile terminal to the mobile Internet, provide a more broad market space. mobile shopping accounted for more than half, good growth the second quarter of 2014, mobile shopping market share reached 50.8%, occupy half of the country of mobile internet. Mobile shopping sustained and rapid growth, mainly in each big business enterprise to realize the great Nike Free Run 3 commercial value of mobile terminal, to speed up the layout of mobile shopping market, shopping App, mobile terminal, Mobile Limited special preferential Seckill and so full of tricks, intended to mobile shopping habits, training users in addition, Glow in the Dark Jordan Men mobile Internet is not affected by the use of scene constraints, Nike Max 90 Current Moire available whenever and wherever possible, convenient and double stimulation preferential, Cheap Nike Air Max 2014 Men UK Online Sale making online shopping habits of users easily migrate to mobile terminal. Ari expected, the next few years, mobile shopping will continue to maintain rapid growth, further enhance the market Nike Flex Experience RN share. Ai Rui seeks views 2014 is the highspeed development of the mobile Internet one year, Internet enterprise, entrepreneurial enterprises and traditional enterprises have realized that the mobile Internet a huge commercial value, the infinite possibility, to be settled down in mobile Internet, the mobile Internet market is booming at the same time, usher in the increasingly fierce competition environment. the second quarter of 2014, giant investment mergers and acquisitions continue, whollyowned group acquired UC Cheap Nike Air Presto High Top Men UK Online Sale gifted as, at this point, BAT three giants in the mobile terminal layout gradually clear, giant advantage Cheap Nike Air Presto Men UK Online Sale continues in the mobile internet. Ali depth on electric business, at the same time with a large entrance UC occupied the mobile Webpage, Baidu deep in search and flow, at the same time with the 91 wireless application in the distribution field of Yuri Huang leading, depth in social, at the same time to intervene electric field, such as payment, is committed to creating a closed ecosystem.


the Oriental Pearl announcement

yesterday, the Oriental Pearl announcement, said its whollyowned subsidiary of Shanghai Oriental Pearl Culture Development Co. Ltd. and Sony Group whollyowned subsidiaries in China Sony China Co., Ltd. signed a joint venture contract, in the Shanghai FTA funded the establishment of the joint venture company, is responsible for the production and Cheap Nike Air Max Lunar Men Canada Online Sale marketing of PlayStation and software hardware, Sony flag to provide related services business in china. This is the end of last month Microsoft and the company announced it will release the Xbox One in the mainland in September this year, and a game machine giant in the mainland began to joint ventures to push the console business. The industry believes that, with the mainland on the Games opening policy, fierce competition China game market huge will attract giants. Yesterday, the Oriental Pearl Tower by.54%, closed at 11.11 yuan, while the company rose 0.77%. Sony established two joint venture companies to promote original game development announcement shows, Oriental culture and Sony Chinese will set up two companies in Shanghai FTA, are responsible for the hardware and software products and services. A quMens Nike Air Max 2012 Netty White Purple Greyasi named the Shanghai Oriental Pearl cable Music Culture Development Company Limited, the registered capital of 10000000 yuan, the Pearl of Cheap Nike Air Max 2013 Men Canada Online Sale the orient culture holds 51% stake, Sony Chinese holds Nike Air Max Mens 49% stake; another to be named Sony Computer Entertainment Shanghai Co., Ltd., the registered capital of 43800000 yuan, the East Fang Mingzhu culture holds 30% stake, Sony Chinese holds Dwyane Wade Shoes Date↓NamePrice 70% equity. A period of time more than two companies operate for 10 years, responsible for game equipment production, marketing; game software marketing, licensing, wholesale; network consulting service and general business consulting services; game development related technical consultation and service. Pearl of the Orient Express, the joint venture company will according to the relevant government policy, the introduction of game player preferences Air Jordan Shoes Mens for quality health game products, and in cooperation with the domestic game development team, to promote the research and development on the PS platform of the original product, perfect industry chain. Co Microsoft and bestv has layout Xbox One platform while a global game giant Microsoft Corp already layout Chinese game market, the selection of partners of the company. In September last year, the company issued a notice, announced a partnership with Cheap Nike Air Max 2012 Men Canada Online Sale Microsoft, both sides agreed to contribute $79000000 to set up a joint venture company, the company shares accounted for 51%, accounting for 49% of the shares Microsoft. And the joint venture hundred is Shanghai FTA listing of 001 enterprises. Cooperation between the two sides including production, sales of game consoles and other terminal equipment and related games, entertainment software etc Last month, the company announced that the Xbox in September of this year officially landing the Nike Air Foamposite Women mainland market, and as a framework for cooperation, joint Nike Air Force Ones venture company will invest Blake Griffin Shoes 100 an innovative project, help the game creators and developers in the China and other products in the global market making, publishing and selling Xbox game based on One. tour.


Jingdong mall recently by the 2012 express management audit and stimulate the industry nerve

Jingdong mall recently by the 2012 express management audit and stimulate the industry nerve. Great game business enterprise and logistics enterprises directly to logistics enterprise appeal against industry about electric crossborder express and should not the debate. And Jingdong counterparts of the business enterprise is an ill prepared a sense of pressure, they do not know the other electric enterprises once owned logistics chain, their competitiveness and how much. This is a smoke of war or Cheap Nike Air Max 2013 Men Canada Online Sale the life and death decisions World War, it is difficult to Blake Griffin Shoes predict. But competition has begun, the parties will seek to reform, otherwise, can only wait for death. the business enterprise financial troubles this year the Jingdong the hottest news, is listed on the IPO. Somebody puts forward, Jingdong Mall for express licence is to draw a better as they listed cake. In May this year Jingdong exposed financial data display, in 2011 it earned 21200000000 yuan, wool interest rate is 5.5%, distribution Nike Air Max Mens costs accounted for 6.6%, accounted for 2.3%, technology and management fee rate at around 1.5%, the last count dMens Nike Air Max 2012 Netty Light Blue Blackown, net profit loss one billion yuan. data shows, the 6.6% distribution fee took Jingdong high profits. Overhead ratio is greater, the more compression of space, objects will become enterprises to improve their financial statements first. . It is reported, from the beginning of 2011 11 Nike Air Force Ones at the end of Jingdong, no longer on the 39 yuan of the following orders, free shipping. In Dwyane Wade Shoes Date↓NamePrice order to enhance the rate of profit Jingdong. another electric big enterprise dangdang has financial structure and Jingdong similar. It is reported, dangdang in 2011 fourth quarter gross margin was 128900000 yuan, wool interest rate is 10.5%, and the warehousing and transportation expenses for 155400000 yuan, accounting for the quarter’s total revenue 12.6%, eventually lead to dangdang quarter operating loss, the profit rate of 12.1%. the business enterprise results Cheap Nike Air Max Lunar Men Canada Online Sale intuitively reflects the logistics cost is directly related to the business enterprise profit level. Delivery fee to seize the profit rate is common to each big electric business troubles. In this regard, believe that all business enterprises have strong desire to reduce logistics cost. Cheap Nike Air Max 2012 Men Canada Online Sale Some enterprises adopt Air Jordan Shoes Mens preferred cooperation choose low price of logistics enterprises, some through negotiation or the depth of the strategic cooperation to find low cost logistics enterprises, but directly to create their own logistics channels, many people dare not easily try. Jingdong this approach, no doubt for many peer shocked envy and fear. Select crossover strategy Express if the business enterprise in logistics field Nike Air Foamposite Women is earned shouts, a lively figure graph listed concept, then, this argument too underestimate the enemy. If the business enterprise is to rebuild the core competence, so some people will think this is playing with fire. At present, the industry of electric crossborder Express has said. opposition, in addition to fear for their jobs was out, there are a lot of thought.


to achieve a historic breakthrough daily 10000000 pieces express traffic Chinese post

last year, to achieve a historic breakthrough daily 10000000 pieces express traffic Chinese post, this year’s growth remains an irresistible force. Air Jordan Shoes Mens daily economic news reporter from the Dwyane Wade Shoes Date↓NamePrice fifth session Nike Air Force Ones of the Chinese express development conference released 2011 2012 Chinese express development report hereinafter referred to as the report was informed that, during the first half of 2012, express service enterprise business yearonyear growth of 51%, the whole year is expected to express business volume will reach 4800000000, revenue is expected to exceed 100000000000 yuan for the Cheap Nike Air Max 2012 Men Canada Online Sale first time. report on the year 2012 express business income will be the first break judgment is not weakness lends wings to rumours. billion. according to the State Postal Bureau statistics, the first half of 2012, the national scale above express service enterprise business revenue totaled 46820000000 yuan, a yearonyear growth of 39.7%, the volume of business has completed 2390000000, Nike Air Max Mens grow 51% compared to the same period. and in 2011, the national scale above express service enterprise business income accumulated number is 75800000000 yuan, the volume of business express completedMens Nike Air Max 2012 Netty White Grey Blue a total of 3670000000 parts. report pointed out, the express service season occurred in the Mid Autumn Festival, Christmas, new year National Day, so the second half of the Nike Air Foamposite Women main node before, therefore, the second half of the year business promotion, unpopular, express delivery volume is expected to record high. express industry explosive growth, rapid development and industry are inseparable. Display express logistics consulting network statistics, the first half of 2012 National Express business income of 48900000000 yuan, the express was 2650000000, among them, online shopping express accounted for about 60% of total shipments, online shopping express income accounted for the total income express business 38%. notably, entered in 2012, the fusion development of express industry and electronic commerce industry trend is more obvious. On the one hand, the business enterprises to speed up access to express logistics industry, on the other hand, express logistics enterprises have Cheap Nike Air Max 2013 Men Canada Online Sale begun to try to ecommerce. China express network chief adviser told the daily economic news reporter, although Jingdong mall, customer and other companies have self built logistics, but in 2011 they accounted for online shopping domestic express market share only within 5%, the other be born with express logistics enterprises also accounted for 5%, Cheap Nike Air Max Lunar Men Canada Online Sale 90% of the share online shopping express market is still the third party express enterprises occupy. in 2012 with the express company to extend to convenience stores and online shopping platform, express logistics advisory network is expected to four up online shopping express business volume yearonyear growth will reach more than 40%. Xu Yong said, if the express enterprise over to the electric with its business customers will have competition, must produce effect you Blake Griffin Shoes into the customer back, and even greater negative effect. If the business logistics over must turn to the third party express, otherwise shipment quantity produced its own sales of commodities can not support their bigger and stronger.


2 month 21 days

2 month 21 days, Sogou CEO log in the new issue of make progress Glow in the Dark Jordan Men every day. This is known as the large ceremonial morality talk program, in Air Jordan Shoes Womens recent years old like to find more gold in the TMT industry company. Including Microsoft, Baidu, 360 companies such as big brothers to which Show. from the day show effect, under the banner of learn the point of the Wang Xiaochuan team both in the team’s overall performance, or the brand, product placement of publicity, the performance is more general, and Li Mingyuan’s period of diamond bachelor, Internet Evangelist, cloud Niang, compared to 360 of the period, I am not a hooligan and so on, can be described as be inferior by comparison. It seems that Wang Xiaochuan students also like the boss Charles learning. didn’t know that day in the evening, doing, if also happened to be watching this program, it is bound to and I rolled Joseph is not the same, the heart must be five mixed. He then kicked open the dormitory door, into the group of interns, now in the ace Cheap Nike Air Max 2011 Men Australia Online Sale program speak with fervour and assurance, for who they will not feel well. want to knowMens Nike Air Max 89 Blue Black White Chen Yizhou but China Internet Nike Air Max Womens industry most one of the founders of ambition. After a long period of time, everyone from top to bottom with others introduced are said, Facebook Renren Groupon glutinous rice Zynga all games Linkedin longitude and latitude Youtube 56 mesh. The ambition of Chen Yizhou like most of his family, the youngest richest man of the year Chinese, now in the Internet the billow tide has gradually dim, Chen Yizhou will be followed? is a cruel reality is, all this was Cheap Nike Air Max 89 Men Australia Online Sale known as the China Facebook, to build the world’s largest social network of enterprises in market capitalization, now only $1300000000, in front of a $about 170000000000 Facebook, people and the fraction to fraction. Market value even in the back row century interconnection, High German software etc so, in front of the capital, the ideal eventually low head. Since 2013 August, Baidu announced to the glutinous rice nets strategic investment of $160000000, get about 59% of the Cheap Nike Air Max 95 360 Men Australia Online Sale shares, to become the first major Jordan Nubuck Men shareholders after the glutinous rice nets, less than half the time, and everyone Baidu company also announced the signing of an agreement, Baidu will buy everyone holds all the shares of glutinous rice nets. I very much agree with everyone on the net of polished glutinous rice is sold, for everyone, glutinous rice nets to tell the story of the historical function has been completed, break up is a natural. To everyone’s volume cannot long as glutinous rice blood supply, and now the group purchase market has begun to gradually formed oligopoly advantage, beautiful group and the public comments have occupied the% sixty or seventy, glutinous rice has little chance of. actually, for Chen Kobe Bryant Shoes Yizhou, the two most important thing is current quick sale and accelerated movement. Blake Griffin Shoes Light is to sell a glutinous rice nets is far from enough, including 56 nets, net of longitude and latitude should be rapid sale of assets. According to everyone’s qualities and strengths, campus social and communications and mobile phone games, will be most likely