dear: on the implementation of the peacemaker doctrine trafficking of children Ma Qingyun director Peter Chan’s film works

dear: on the implementation of the peacemaker doctrine trafficking of children Ma Qingyun director Peter Chan’s film works, there is always a common things, is good at using the lens language transfer fans mood, realize the viewing Kobe Bryant Shoes of emotional climax of too much. For Cheap Nike Free 4.0 V2 Women Australia Online Sale example, in the movie October besieged city we will can’t help to defend Sun Zhongshan and excited. Good we will succeed without thinking of three brothers in the movie partner in the China. But when we calm down will find time for these emotions, not to defend the revolution sacrifice Sun Zhongshan doctrine, success is not successful in marketing and motivational liar in the mouth. Our ability to fall into the trap you intentionally relates to Peter Chan he took these emotional lens language Jordan Nubuck Men makes us lose thinking, can only follow him guide way want to question. and I will be so the director called, MLM type director. In the movie dear, Peter Chan is still doing this emotional MLM, his this kind of MLM is rejected, thinking the most valuable, become a kind of get tears farce. So, Peter Chan used the lens language what is to mobilize the fans emotional example? I thinWomens  Nike Free 4.0 V2 Pink Gold Greenk it is necessary to point out a few details, these details, when he was young writers write the script reference of course, I always think of, the most valuable screenwriter is above such emotional MLM type lens combination. for example, Lu Xiaojuan in the coffee Plaza with its current husband divorce that dialogue. The dialogue itself changed, however, Peter Chan dispatched fountain in front of the lens to. If only the fountain is bristly, is not Nike Air Max Womens enough to show restraint and two tension relationship. Peter Chan deliberately let the son of Lu Xiaojuan Tian Peng in the pillar of the fountain water, hand pressure spray up spring break. When the two end of the conversation, the fountain also stop spewing, Lu Xiaojuan with Tian Peng leave. we can say the director scheduling Peter Chan is very good, but we should also see that such Cheap Nike Free 5.0 Men Australia Online Sale well render feelings scheduling in Peter Chan’s works are pitching. He tried to each section of the emotion, so as to realize the consciousness into a Cheap Nike Free 5.0 Australia Online Sale viewer’s feeling, and then in the sense under the action of unthinkingly accreditation director Peter Chan arranged for the value idea of everyone. A large number of pyramid selling course, is actually used this to the high voice Air Jordan Shoes Womens to successfully brainwashed students. in this way, we should ask, good movies, should pass the rational thinking about the fans calm, still heat up emotion? In the latter, director Peter Chan no doubt done is very Blake Griffin Shoes good, but in the former, I’m afraid the director in presenting a toxic condition of poppy flower. We watched the fun, viewing emotion also transferred is very high, but the calm but you will find that the whole film is but a mix of mud in the holding of child trafficking events, he did not pass on to our valuable thoughts. personally think that thinking is more important than emotional catharsis. Dear aims to show by the joys and sorrows of an abducted children brought two families. Calm down to think about it, it was only a couple of family unfolded it, Glow in the Dark Jordan Men trafficking in children thing


paper is one of the four great inventions of ancient China

paper is one of the four great inventions of ancient China. After the invention of Nike Air Max Womens paper, not Kobe Bryant Shoes only changed the status of Jane silk heavy and expensive, but also promotes the progress of human civilization, so the inventor of paper Cai Lun has received the respect and admiration of the world. However, because of the archaeological work unceasingly thorough, in recent years there is a new found in produced in paper, for example, as early as the Western Han Dynasty is the true sense of the paper. Thus, it attracted the world’s conjecture: is it really early in the Cai Lun about 200 years Glow in the Dark Jordan Men before there is a paper? Cai Lun invented papermaking or not? after the Han? Official biographies records: the word Cai Lun, Jing Zhong, Guiyang people. Built in Yong Ping at the end of junior high school beginning to do in court, for little Huang men. And the emperor ascended the throne, Chang Shi Zhuan, Yu Shen head. Lun talented, dedicated Dun Shen, Cheap Nike Free 4.0 V2 Women Australia Online Sale a few committed Yan Yan, Kuang Bi gains and losses. Each to the vacation, zhe closed the vast bin, critical body field. After the addition of a imperial order. Yong yuan nine years, the prison as secret sword and various instruments, all Seiko kin, for the later method. these words will be the basic of the life of Cai Lun to Cheap Nike Free 5.0 Men Australia Online Sale do a more comprehensive account, actually Cai Lun is aWomens  Nike Free 4.0 V2 Fuchsia Greylso born born eunuchs, even cold Cai Lun, at an early age with fathers farm, but he is smart, it Jordan Nubuck Men will be pleasing. The Han Emperor Zhang Liu? Enthronement, often choose children into the palace of county. In the year 75, Cai Lun was elected to the Luoyang palace eunuchs, when he was about 15 years old. After entering the palace, Cai Lun hard to learn and progress quickly, finally because of the outstanding, was appointed as the little Huang men. This year, he went about road, served as vice minister in charge of yellow, inside and outside of the palace business communication and guide the various dynasties see, sit down and other things. really let him and paper related, as the imperial order starting from 97 a.d At that time, Dou died, and Emperor Qin zheng. In 102 Air Jordan Shoes Womens ad, the emperor Deng Suiwei and empress, Deng Sui likes to show, Cai Lun for the match up, willing to stoop to concurrently imperial decree, director of intrauterine artifacts queen and Queen’s Palace workshops. in the next days, Cai Lun Blake Griffin Shoes will all the energy input to the technical work. At the same time, because of the convenience of duty, he had the opportunity to observe and contact condition of production practice. Each idle, he closed door visitors, personally to the workshop technical investigation, rich experience of studying and summarizing the artisans accumulated over the years, plus his own bright innovation, the development of metal smelting, casting, forging and then machinery manufacturing technology has played no small role in promoting. If at the time of the steel manufacturing to stir iron as raw material, through many forged and tempered into a steel. Made at the time of the artifacts in the quality, performance and appearance is indeed Seiko manufacturing, as evidenced by later generations to emulate. , Cheap Nike Free 5.0 Australia Online Sale however, Cai Lun’s greatest achievement lies in papermaking. In the observation of the countryside workshops, he accidentally see such a phenomenon: Canfu reeling floating floc, Zhudian tend to leave a short silk wadding, peeled off like silk, can be used for writing. So, Cai Lun has been a huge inspiration from it, he began to collect waste hemp, bark, rags, old fishing nets and other materials, in the palace workshops to file, boiling, dipping


China economic network launched an article

China economic network launched an article, called Yuan Chonghuan Cheap Nike Free 4.0 V2 Women Australia Online Sale cut in pieces were cut 3543 knife after the death of nearly 10000 edible Hong Qiang flesh this article says Ming history is contained: Chong Huanhang after Fachang before the executioner, a knife and cut off the meat, people along the way very hate Liaodong and Manchu, more hate traitors act, so rich holds money field, the rich man who threw money to bribe the executioner, bidding to buy Chong Huanzhi meat health food, money holds one field, poor people rushed to the executioner hands away from Chong Huanzhi meat raw food, a piece of meat and was often scramble for tearing into several pieces, the whole scene straight than a human auction. To the execution ground, Chong Hwan has expired, flesh no deposit, only one song head, the first transmission as Chongzhen emperor ordered nine edges nine border gateway on the Great Wall, to deter the edges will be banned, to follow suit. Yuan Chonghuan had been scraping 3543 knives, The whole town turns out to. Unprecedented under, Glow in the Dark Jordan Men about nearly ten thousand Nike Air Max Womens people got the Chong Huanzhi meat and raw food, and to show off as possible. This record, I believe. This is consistent with the Chinese was Womens  Nike Free 4.0 V2 Purple Orangehemp turn after crazy. In the history, is not difficult to find eat blood Steamed buns allusions. we always sigh bloody history, but we did not search for the foundations of bloody. Killed by Chong Hwan not Jordan Nubuck Men Chongzhen one, but was killed by the most Chinese. In view of this, kill Chong Hwan is a mass movement. However, where there will be so many people? this is a dynasty for hundreds of years, a system for thousands of years Blake Griffin Shoes of carefully cultivated fruits. They produced not only the brain Weng of a positive response of the stupid. strictly, the old China no philosophy, or the old Chinese people without philosophy. There is a point of philosophy, the monopoly on eat salary shameless scholar hands, they never speak of enlightenment philosophy, speak only deceive. Philosophy is to help king completed training groupie like stupid tool. There is a direct service, the relatively high handed, the equivalent of a peremptory legal such as three cardinal guides indirect service type, the like ambition in the brainwashing of MLM cheat, ramble in the ears of all day and say I rape you is to love you, to your health I suck your blood, such as the monarchical power divine orders, leisure etc Over time, finally, remove the head, head into the empty skull. People in addition to be the king of loyal fans, no longer do anything. Guan Jian king, to moment if thousands of stupid goods will call when the chicken, surging, so out unprecedented under, about nearly ten thousand people got the Chong Huanzhi meat and raw food, and to show off as possible. Fresh and show in human history where did you find this? Food loyal meat, show off to the world, in fact, is to show their loyalty king. So inconsistent sharp conflict loyalty?! so Kobe Bryant Shoes it seems that the Ming Dynasty should not Air Jordan Shoes Womens perish? The Ming Dynasty die not only Li Zicheng, Zhang Xianzhong not stem, Lianzhong in the Ming Dynasty, the stupid are unwilling to heart what. The Ming Dynasty is not the death a homicide, suicide. For national resources to the next hard from suicide, is no Cheap Nike Free 5.0 Men Australia Online Sale oath Cheap Nike Free 5.0 Australia Online Sale endlessly the daredevil suicide.


the ancient city of Zhenjiang

the ancient city Cheap Nike Free 4.0 V2 Men Canada Online Sale of Zhenjiang, especially the alleyways. Zhenjiang people love to eat, eat, there are many streets and alleys of the Food snacks. Now, the city skyscrapers, cars The stream never stops flowing., great changes have taken place in the environment, but a variety of delicious snacks but still attractive. Compared with those of various publicity personality meals, snacks to not afraid of wine alley deep attitude hidden in the streets and lanes, conquer people’s taste buds, win the love of the people. want to know Zhenjiang still retains what appetites, inviting snacks? Please follow the pace of the evening news reporter, a sniff find snacks unusual journey! A Nike Air Foamposite Women pasta snack bar the way Meng Xi, at 4 pm every day, at the door of the shop always unshakable ground lined up. The people are waiting. And so what? Shop wood stairs with sound, the answer to the original they are all waiting for just out of the pot PanFried Baozi Stuffed with Pork. Everyone holding notes, fall over each other to squeeze together, in their turn, carrying a bag of steamed stuffed bun with satisfaction and go; don’t get unwilling, continue to wait patiently for the next pot. Small Shengjian package, really has the legendary so delicious? The reporter decided to check it out. at three thirty in theMens Nike Free 3.0 V4 Mesh Grey Nike Air Force Ones afternoon, the reporters came to the dream brook road in camp the alley around the City restaurants, Ms. Li citizens with son Chen Yilin taste Nike Air Max Mens Shengjian package here. Ms. Li said, Yi Lin in the City Experimental Primary School, 3 pm I pick him up, he told me that they eat Meng Blake Griffin Shoes Xi on the road. Then, Ms. Lee has taken his son here, point to a 2 yuan 8 Shengjian package, put a small bowl of wonton, this is my son’s favorite afternoon tea. The side of the Yi Lin told reporters that he once ate 8 Shengjian package still small, his father can eat only 40 time, also not too greasy. and she lives in Xiangjiang Flower City, is generally not how to Mengxi square run in here, last year to near work, see Dwyane Wade Shoes Date↓NamePrice the ring food store door station is full of people queuing to buy Shengjian package, is completely out of curiosity, bought a Cheap Nike Free 4.0 V2 Canada Online Sale back to taste, taste really not wrong. fast to 4 points, to buy Shengjian package citizens are obviously more, some take away, some sitting in the store to eat. So appetizing, Sheng Jian Bao what beauty? Cheap Nike Free 3.0 V4 Mesh Men Canada Online Sale Reporters came to the two floor of the kitchen look. A few masters are busy, the owner Mr. Yang introduced a Shengjian package weighs about 20 grams, with oil, sesame seeds as ingredients, flour, meat as the main material, a pot of fried buns out of the pot of the whole process takes about 6 minutes to 8 minutes. His magic weapon is delicious steamed stuffed bun skin with the traditional alkali fermentation process. Alkaline Air Jordan Shoes Mens fermentation timeconsuming, usually from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., fermentation, almost 5 hours, this is better than using yeast fermentation time much longer, but this produces skinned eat up more soft, more pliable. Mr Yang said, Sheng Jian Bao is the predecessor of the pan fried steamed bun of old Shanghai, but more Zhenjiang people eat steamed stuffed bun, so in 1994, he try to improve, the Shengjian Mantou evolve into the fried buns. for so many years, from $0.6 in 1994 5, to 200


Detailed information Shanghai elegant fresh dining management limited company is by the industrial and commercial registration 1998

Detailed information Shanghai elegant fresh dining management limited company is by the industrial and commercial registration 1998, professional contracting and management of enterprises and institutions, factories, organs, schools, hospital staff canteen catering enterprises. In order to meet the need of the socialization of logistics Blake Griffin Shoes management market enterprises, we are committed to the traditional canteen contractor based on grafting modern management means, successively in East China, Southern China area has formed a preliminary management radiation network in Shanghai, Zhejiang, Jiangsu as the center, and signed a contract for the meal and the dozens of companies, realize unified management, chain operation. Nike Air Max Mens The company set up under the general manager office, human resources department, development department, financial department, administration department, cook training center, distribution center 7 mechanism. Company employees have the characteristics of higher education, experience, age structure rationalization. The company has consistently adhered to the business ideas, to firstclass talent pool, a firstclass enterprise for the purpose, pay attention to personnel training anMens Nike Free 3.0 V4 Mesh Blackd talent reserves, senior management personnel on the company, gathering all the elite. The company with the advantage of human resources as the first, establish a brand image, and constantly expand the market, the establishment of personnel information database, and draw lessons from the advanced management Cheap Nike Free 4.0 V2 Men Canada Online Sale experience, open up a adapt to market, cater to the customer personalized service management of the road. No matter what the Air Jordan Shoes Mens final agreed contract mode of cooperation, the company will use the advanced experience of management, in the catering service management system, professional management and technical personnel, indeed for you to reduce the logistical work on the management of trouble, so that you and your staff in dietary respect have no worries, put one’s heart and soul into work and innovation into production. Provide professional: canteen contractor Nike Air Foamposite Women dietary management of catering management vegetable food distribution service scope of services include: large and mediumsized enterprises, factory, school canteen canteen contractor contract Shanghai Shanghai Food amp; Beverage Management in Pearl River Delta area Nike Air Force Ones canteen catering contract management. Dwyane Wade Shoes Date↓NamePrice The contracting way does your company provide kitchen equipment accommodation Hydropower hydropower fuel fuel can be negotiable. I appointed kitchen staff professional service to your company directly, accept supervision. I offer a number of different standard recipes to allow your company to choose, can also be Cheap Nike Free 3.0 V4 Mesh Men Canada Online Sale made by your Cheap Nike Free 4.0 V2 Canada Online Sale company self. All our pre pay your employees for meals, check regularly with your company, specific Negotiable agreed. the company name: Shanghai elegant fresh Restaurant Management Co. Ltd. address: Shanghai city Songjiang District Shanghai Pine Road No. 5188, contact: Mr. Chen service hotline: 8008200895 phone: 02133734057 company web site:: ishitang share:


China leading Asian infrastructure investment bank AIIB

China leading Asian infrastructure investment bank AIIB, referred to as: Asian investment banking start program have been identified. As the project lead, China hopes to gradually draw the strategic cooperation between India and Cheap Nike Free 4.0 V2 Canada Online Sale the oil producing Blake Griffin Shoes nations and other partners. China looking the interests of the state, by the investment bank by USA challenges Cheap Nike Free 3.0 V4 Mesh Men Canada Online Sale such as the leading international financial order. On the one hand, be vigilant America appears to be taking action to stop in Australia and South korea. Rapid expansion of infrastructure needs in Asia, Sino US game around the policy Nike Air Foamposite Women finance may increasingly fierce. China, India and Southeast Asia and other 21 countries in October 24th reached a basic consensus on the establishment of Asia Investment banking. sub investment bank before the end of next year and strive to set up headquarters in BeMens Nike Free 3.0 V4 Mesh Grey Blackijing. Legal registered capital is 1 of billions of dollars, the original target of $50000000000. Chinese Dwyane Wade Shoes Date↓NamePrice will be the biggest investment Cheap Nike Free 4.0 V2 Men Canada Online Sale country, but the contribution amount does not seek more than half. China promote infrastructure construction, improve the backward conception of Asian regional longterm economic growth rate, as the leading sub investment bank has some convincing reason. But as an international organization, Asia has been the Asian Development Bank ADB, referred to as: sub opened silver, while China is second only to Japan, the third largest contributor. The United States believes that China’s move is trying to challenge the dominant international financial order, claim together with Japan called repeat Asian investment bank and the Air Jordan Shoes Mens ADB, of China expressed alert. Nike Air Force Ones but also have questioned said the Chinese move or borrow the name of international institutions in advance in favor of its pipelines and port development. China said countries to build Nike Air Max Mens sub banks signed memorandum of understanding does not have legal effectiveness, countries can before the bank was to decide whether the capital contribution. To this end, Australia signed a memorandum to once hold a positive attitude, the attitude of South Korea also appeared shaken. However, the two countries have not yet signed the memorandum. International finance related to that the United States influence requirements of Australia and South Korea do not sign a memorandum. Dayue Kuang Yang Beijing


2014 July 2425 day

2014 July 2425 day, sponsored by iResearch ninth Ereli annual summit was held successfully in Shenzhen overseas Chinese town InterContinental Hotel. The Ai Ruifeng will be defensive moves middot; integration and innovation as the theme, collected from the Internet, the new economy, science and technology related industries front companies leader, reform path of a common interpretation of the Internet industry defensive moves, find the prospect of Internet enterprise integration innovation. The following is iResearch Consulting Group Vice President Hao Xincheng published in control the big Cheap Nike Free 7.0 Men UK Online Sale data bring value as the theme of the Nike Free Run 3 speech recording: picture of Hao Xincheng of vice president of iResearch Consulting Glow in the Dark Jordan Men Group Technology Hao Xincheng McKinsey Greater China region: responsible person told us, said the big data from abroad and domestic is not the same, I say you Is it right? Think of home is in a complete mess, he said not, Chinese Nike Max 90 Current Moire with large data and other Internet are the same, once let the domestic counterparts to master this skill will spread quickly, applied quickly, quickly put the business deduction, the deduction of meaning which contains the data with the evil means, we will play a negative value it quickly, ChinaWomens Nike Free 6.0 Orange Grey is a what all about speed and cost countries. Speak with you today about, now can not simply say that large data, today we have the theme of lock in third party data, call it the big data is also OK, I personally think that this thing is a independent thing, do not have to put it on a large data set of the cassock feel it is divine, it is a common thing, we don’t think of it as a very sacred thing. today I just throw out a brick, put behind many people talk about the topic, to say that. First we put the history to Nike Flex Experience RN talk about the socalled third party DMT, the socalled marketing for the evolution of large data of ecological system, in fact, from twelve years ago when the earliest overseas Nike Air Max Women in 2000 when he first made the network this stuff, what is advertising network? There is a company to all advertising a buy one, and then he put these cheap advertising out bound to do marketing, at that time I remember someone in advertising network thing at the beginning of 2012, Cheap Nike Free 6.0 Women UK Online Sale I see the 2013 really used to launch the first time someone advertising network, at that time you say I am cheaper here let you appear in the front page of sina version. Maybe you Cheap Nike Free 7.0 UK Online Sale spend 34 of the money can be Sina home page has a certain proportion of its. So this kind of ad networks play we believe until today it still has not changed, these companies not only are they purchasing high quality Sina such home advertising resources, they also purchase large quantities of personal website, there was some marginal media advertising, the Lebron James Shoes advertising was unable to afford these advertising, sold don’t sell, no one to buy, when a company found such a trick when he think I good resources and bad resource pack a combination, so that is not able to offer a cheaper way for enterprises to do marketing. The fact that you paid much more than Sina home money


9 month 28 days of messages

9 month 28 days of messages, the world’s first home on the plane bulkhead with the tablet computer, like the joint capital lefeel technology of aviation, Aviation Conference held in Beijing, Nike Flex Experience RN jointly launched the intelligent terminal, detonation products and the air tickets starting iPhone6 activity. The conference, joy Airlines officially announced its business orientation, cooperate with partners, open the cabin ecosystem. joy air technology was founded Glow in the Dark Jordan Men in 2012 August, independent design and development of the world’s first aviation special AirBOX tablet computer, and through the test of civil aviation safety detection mechanism is extremely harsh, the flat panel computer daily allotment in more than 500 domestic and international routes, using rate in more than 90%, the average daily audience of more than 100000 people. At present, Hainan aviation, capital aviation, Tianjin aviation airline began full cabin equipped with joy air terminal. Data feedback, more than 58% passengers will give priority to choose by equipped with terminal flight. In addition, many airlines have not been allotted terminal has been on the joy of aviation products expressed great interest, is continuing to promote cooperation, to jointly Nike Max 90 Current Moire build new cabin environment, enhance the passenger satisfaction. conference, joy air Pan Yunbin CEO alsoWomens Nike Free 6.0 Black launched a new R amp; D heavy pound, the secret of two years of hardware products, can realize the WiFi signal supply cabin, provide social networking platform for the air user. This is a intelligent portable products, can quickly complete the Airlines fleet deployment of all Cheap Nike Free 7.0 Men UK Online Sale local WiFi. This was named AirHub products before the end of 2014, will be in the capital aviation total fleet complete coverage, Power Capital Airlines complete the transition to the Nike Free Run 3 Internet Cheap Nike Free 6.0 Women UK Online Sale from the traditional airlines airlines. Internet Airlines is a new business philosophy, is the use of the Internet and the logic thinking, structural transformation of the traditional aviation industry, joy shipping capital from cabin auxiliary angle, aviation transportation business starting from the fundamentals, common development of the Internet which is a new type model of aviation pioneer. China Telecom, the Royal Square mud and a group of excellent enterprises in power, embrace the Internet aviation. China Telecom air flagship store has been assigned to joy flight store camp, at present the concern of the new iPhone6, officially listed in China of the day, will take the lead in the air starting sales service implementation at thirty thousand feet in the sky, this in the world is there has never been a precedent in the future do not go abroad, sit Capital Airlines aircraft, will be able to buy iPhone6 the Internet; as cosmetic brand, famous, the Royal Square mud not only joint coating exclusive aircraft, will be Cheap Nike Free 7.0 UK Online Sale combined with joy air intelligence terminal to carry out machine for product sales. joy airlines established original intention, is to enhance the aircraft passenger happiness. At present, urban population has been inseparable from the Internet, even in sleep when a wearable device around, but only in flight cabin is an information island. Joy air as a development opportunity, in order to solve the user’s pain point as the starting point, has introduced AirBOX and AirHub two Nike Air Max Women tool, and on this basis to build the cabin ecosystem. The ecological system of cabin in , is the sum of all Lebron James Shoes the biological interactions within the cabin, she will intelligence


The mode of a youku and Tudou on tree planting day jointly announced that the two sides in March 11th signed a final agreement

The mode of a Nike Max 90 Current Moire youku and Tudou on tree planting day jointly Nike Free Run 3 announced that the two sides in March 11th signed a final agreement, Youku and Tudou will be 100% cash merger, the new company named Youku Limited by Share Ltd, Tudou will withdraw from the market. The corresponding is, soon after, the popular online was confirmed bestv $30000000 capital injection, the latter becoming popular the first big shareholder. There are many similar industry cooperation, as bestv and CNTV set up a joint venture company, the music network and Tudou copyright procurement established joint venture company. Not only video site so, other Internet industry is also deduced the merger wave in the near future, Shanda will Lebron James Shoes winger and Haofang sell Zhejiang newspaper media, obtain 3500000000 yuan. Then, the Cheap Nike Free 7.0 Men UK Online Sale grand will sell our Ji Sheng science and technology science and technology to 80000000 yuan. And some other Cheap Nike Free 7.0 UK Online Sale Internet companies such as the group purchase, mobile Internet, electronic commerce also in cooperation and acquisitions make a fuss, the Internet industry mergers be raging likeWomens Nike Free 6.0 Orange Grey a storm, but it can really solve the bottleneck of the Internet at present encounters? potatoes delicious difficult to digest Nike Flex Experience RN a key factor driving merger tide is reduced, risk investment funds in 2012, many fundraising difficulties, China Internet Corporation also encounters the financing of winter. Thomson Reuters data show that Glow in the Dark Jordan Men the first quarter of 2012, risk investment institutions to Nike Air Max Women the Chinese Internet industry investment of only $138500000, more than the previous year $866500000 investment plunged 84%. and the Internet industry, there are too many need a blood transfusion monk profit pattern is not found in the industry, such as video website, buy, and seemingly bright but obviously read Cheap Nike Free 6.0 Women UK Online Sale slanting through the industry, such as the research and development of App and ecommerce, once the wind for the transfusion less, running short of blood, the results would be devastated. The present situation of site is enough to explain everything, thousand regiment war for two years, venture capital has been completely on Chinese group buying industry disappointed, blood group buys a station began large disappear. The group buys navigation website group 800 released data show that as of the end of year 3, domestic group buys a website to a total of 3269, compared with February, evaporate 357. Innovation works chairman and chief executive Li Kaifu said, domestic thousands of buy site 99% will die, only four or five have reached the scale of operation site will eventually into market rules. So is facing video website, under the premise of a shortage of cash flow, earnings and a life, has always been enemies of Youku and Tudou also choose marriage, but despite the two strong United comes as China’s largest merger strongest video website in two sites


At the end of 2013

At the end of 2013, the Shanghai Composite Index closed at 2115.98 points, at the end of 2000, the Shanghai Composite Index closed at 2073.47 points, 13 years the Shanghai Composite Index rose almost zero, whether to reflect investor state of existence? statistics show, by the end of 2000 the A share market has a total of 985 listing Corporation not including subsequent delisting listing Corporation. The total market value of 985 listing Corporation in 2013 Cheap Nike Free 3.0 V4 Mesh Men Australia Online Sale to 8006700000000 Kobe Bryant Shoes yuan at the end of 2000, the total market value of 4680800000000 yuan, at the end of 2013 the total market capitalization of more by the end of 2000 increased by 71.1% source: WIND information, the same below. Does this mean that investors in these 13 years the actual rate of return on investment is far higher than the index changes? The total market value of increased does not mean that the profits of investors the growth of the total market value are not shown as investors profit, listing Corporation equity financing or absorb the merger of other enterprises will lead to the growth of the total market value, but the original Glow in the Dark Jordan Men investors holding market value does not necessarily wiMens Nike Free 3.0 V4 Mesh Red Bluell therefore increase. to share the same Air Jordan Shoes Womens as an example, at the end of 2000, the total market value of 16970000000 yuan, at the end of 2013, the total market value of 22352000000 yuan; in the meantime, to share the same 4 times successively, the issuance of Jordan Nubuck Men a rights issue, raising capital of 4948000000 yuan, the market value of the increase is mainly due to equity financing brings. as the equity financing of the Blake Griffin Shoes original investors of the diluted effect, change the total market value does not reflect the investor’s profit and loss situation, only after the resumption of share price can reflect investors’ profit and loss. At the end of 2000, to share the same closing price of 44.3 yuan, in 2001 2013 years, Tongfang has conducted a three stock dividend 10 to 5 shares, 3 shares and 10 RPM Cheap Nike Free 4.0 V2 Australia Online Sale 10 RPM 10 shares, after three times rotated increasing share capital after the 1 shares at the end of 2000, the same party shares equivalent to 2013 at the end of the 3.9 shares at the end of 2013, share the same closing price of 10.17 yuan, do not consider the cash dividend, the late 2013 s for the price of 39.66 yuan, compared with 2000 at the end of the year fell 10.47%. table, to share the same previous rotated increasing share capital of shares registered on stock dividend scheme of 2001524 10 to 5 strands of 2008814 10 to 3 strands of 2011510 10 to 10 strands of Analysis of to facilitate, we might as well be Tongfang shares is divided into two parts: before the end Cheap Nike Free 4.0 V2 Men Australia Online Sale of the 2000 have been held to share the same shareholders and since the end of 2000 due to side with the equity financing and join the new shareholders. At the end of 2000, to share the same total share capital of 383000000 shares, the total market value of 16970000000 yuan; after three times after the conversion, this part of the number of shares increased Nike Air Max Womens to 1494000000 shares, at the end of 2013 closing price