Front End Developers (on-high demand)

*I am always looking for talented Front End Web Developers*


Industry: Technology

Location: Manhattan, NY


Some front-end developers started out as designers and then learned to code. Others started out as programmers and then fell in love with design. And the rest tackled the full stack at once.

However you came to it, we’re looking for someone who loves building great user experiences and is skilled in the tools necessary to build them. If that sounds like you, we should talk.


  • Work with our designers to transform Adobe CS files into beautiful, fast web pages that make a user’s day better.
  • You’ll be working through most of our web stack  — from static HTML and CSS to interactive designs with a lot of JS.
  • Create and maintain JS and CSS libraries to use throughout site.

 Necessary attributes:

  • Strong, well-formed opinions about what makes for a good user experience
  • Experience implementing those opinions in user-facing work
  • Expert-level skill in hand-coded HTML and CSS
  • Meaningful real-world experience writing jQuery and JS
  • Comfort with the Adobe CS
  • Experience in HTML5 and CSS3 is always a plus